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1 year ago
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Ever wonder how brands go from a team of two to a team of 20 in a short period of time? It’s all about the approach you take to building your eCommerce brand. A messy approach with no defined strategy isn’t going to do you any favors. Rather, a detailed strategy that touches on specific steps it takes to effectively build your brand will earn you plenty of opportunities for profit, expansion and growth.

Building Your eCommerce Brand the Right Way

There’s no simple formula for building a successful eCommerce brand and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. As with any business venture, building your eCommerce brand involves several key elements that help capture market share and earn the trust of customers.

  • Before you build a brand, build your brand identity. Think about some of the world’s most popular and recognized brands. You know their story and message, and what they set out to achieve. That’s part of a brand identity. Your brand identity sets you apart from hundreds of other eCommerce retailers. It’s the foundation for your company, so it’s important to be sure the message is authentic, conveying exactly what you want customers to know about your business.
  • Thoroughly understand your customers. Attempting to introduce your brand to consumers without fully understanding who you’re selling to is like taking a shot in the dark. You need to know details about your customers. What is your target age demographic? What are your buyer’s interests and hobbies? The more detailed and thorough you are, the more accurately you can craft your sales strategy.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of eCommerce photography. Online retailers have a visual hurdle that brick-and-mortar stores don’t experience. How can buyers really experience your brand if they’re not able to visit a store and see the merchandise? The answer lies in your eCommerce website. Like a sloppy brick-and-mortar store with no clear organization, a shoddy website with subpar photography that doesn’t accurately represent products won’t impress customers. When building your eCommerce brand, avoid snapping a few photos with your mobile device, and invest in high-quality photography.

Building Your eCommerce Brand to Last

Today’s crowded eCommerce marketplace requires an intentional approach to brand growth. At Dotcom Distribution, helping our clients achieve their growth goals is our top priority. When you partner with us, we’ll work with your team to help cultivate a strong, lasting brand identity and provide the solutions you need to share your brand message with customers.

Our latest eBook, “Emerging in eCommerce: A 360º View From The Inside,” features testimonials from some of our most successful clients, including the steps they took to take their companies to the next level.

Building your eCommerce brand just got easier. Contact Dotcom Distribution today to get started.