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4 Ways Working With a 3PL Keeps Order Fulfillment Costs Low

Working with 3PL for Order FulfillmentStruggling with high order fulfillment costs? It’s not uncommon for eCommerce brands and online retailers to face lofty logistics costs, especially in today’s retail environment. However, a 3PL can help.

When you handle order fulfillment in-house, warehouse fees, equipment costs and more become your responsibility. But outsourcing fulfillment to an experienced eCommerce logistics 3PL provider can help you keep order fulfillment costs low, and customer satisfaction and retention high.

Order fulfillment can be a daunting challenge for growth-minded eCommerce brands. A necessary aspect of your business’s success, it’s easy for order fulfillment costs to get out of hand. Instead of attempting to tackle things like shipping, inventory and receiving on your own, partner with a proven eCommerce fulfillment and logistics provider that provides leading eCommerce fulfillment services.

An Experienced 3PL Company Takes the Guesswork out of Order Fulfillment by:

  • Receiving Inventory – Receiving and stocking new inventory in a warehouse is time-consuming and expensive if you don’t have a clear receiving plan in place. Work with a 3PL company to ensure new inventory shipments arrive on time, organized and marked with clear packing slips. A detailed receiving strategy plan reduces the chance of inventory overflow and order mix-ups.
  • Managing Inventory – When you handle your own order fulfillment, it’s your job to find warehouse locations to store and manage inventory, which can be a big overhead expense. An eCommerce and fulfillment logistics partner worth its salt will have conveniently located logistics services including warehouses where you can store and manage product inventory. It’s also beneficial to partner with a company that generates real-time inventory reports. These reports keep your eCommerce site up-to-date and help you forecast which products need to be restocked before they sell out.
  • Kitting & Assembly – Kitting is an excellent method for keeping order fulfillment costs low. Instead of packaging individual items, kitting allows you to bundle items together to streamline fulfillment and packing workflows. Look for an eCommerce logistics partner with robust kitting and assembly services including retail sales packaging, barcoding, and serialized assembly. Kitting fulfillment solutions should also be scalable to meet seasonal demand and increased order volume.
  • Shipping – Shipping costs are one of the biggest culprits behind high order fulfillment costs. Without a logistics partner, you’re responsible for negotiating carrier and crate space, as well as the price per shipment. It’s not worth the frustration. Partner with an eCommerce provider that provides experienced transportation and freight management services, and has strong ties with a variety of carriers, including non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC). Your logistics partner will negotiate fixed rates, no matter the size of your shipment.

Get a Handle on Order Fulfillment Costs With Dotcom Distribution

Nobody understands what it takes to keep up in today’s fast-paced eCommerce environment like Dotcom Distribution. We have the tools, personnel, and experience to help you implement a robust logistics program that won’t drive operational expenses through the roof. Inventory management? Check. Kitting and assembly? Done. Domestic and international shipping? We’ve got you covered.

It’s time to say goodbye to high order fulfillment costs. To get started, contact Dotcom Distribution today.

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