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4 Ways That Unboxing Can Help Your Brand

Those familiar with unboxing—where online shoppers document and share themselves unwrapping packages—are likely aware of its rapid growth in popularity on social. From 2013 to 2014, views of unboxing videos grew 57 percent. In 2014 alone, YouTube housed 1.3 million unboxing videos with 10.3 billion collective views More importantly, 62 percent of users viewing unboxing videos are actually doing product research and intend to purchase.

Ways That Unboxing Can Help Your Brand

PetFlow unboxing video from YouTube user GlamourWithGrace

Here are four ways that emerging retailers can harness the power of unboxing:

  • Create Brand Excitement: Simple tweaks to packaging can create an entirely different customer experience. A well-designed unboxing experience can mimic or be more pleasurable than an offline shopping experience. The entire process leaves customers with positive brand associations. To foster brand loyalty, focus on extending a positive brand experience into your customer’s home, leveraging the brain’s chemical inclination to repeat pleasurable experiences. Our research indicates that unboxing may be as addictive and pleasurable as eating chocolate.
  • Make Products Sharable: By improving the aesthetics of a package, brands increase the likelihood that their product is being enjoyed, shared and unboxed rather than unwrapped. Colors, sounds and interactive packaging inserts make packages more memorable, and these unique features encourage customers to create and upload more engaging unboxing videos. From a personalized note to branded tissue paper, think in the eyes of your customer and create packaging that is worth unboxing. Brands should time their calls to action (social sharing instructions, post recommendations, hashtag suggestions, etc.) as close to the initial unboxing experience as the “unboxing excitement” customers experience doesn’t last indefinitely.
  • Get Inside Your  Customers’ Heads: Humans are neurologically conditioned to enjoy opening packages. Psychology and neuroscience indicate that interesting or otherwise interactive packages can prolong the psychological excitement of an unboxing experience and create neural pathways that consumers want to revisit. A box’s presentation or other engaging elements can harness consumers’ most innate desires to explore and solve. Retailers can capitalize on these tendencies to establish brand loyalty.
  • Earn Brand Advocates and Loyalty: Well-designed packages are an effective means of generating new business and retaining existing customers. And, because nearly half of consumers are willing to put products on display, the effects of a positive unboxing experience extend to non-customers. Unboxing videos are invaluable to brands as they spark opportunities to target new audiences. When thinking about your in-home customer engagement strategies, the unboxing experience should be near the top of your list.

To learn more tips on creating unboxing excitement and better engage with your customers, click here to download our whitepaper.