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4 Steps That Can Increase Your Brand’s Customer Lifetime Value

Increasing Your Brand’s Customer Lifetime ValueIt’s one thing to attract customers to your shop – it’s another to keep them coming back. To increase customer lifetime value, you need to inspire loyalty in shoppers by providing them with ideal experiences along every touch-point. This means re-strategizing along mobile, desktop and brick-and-mortar channels.

4 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

To improve customer retention, you need to offer more than just a few good deals. Your brand needs to engage with shoppers across every sales channel, treating every interaction as an opportunity to connect, learn and improve.

  1. Optimize the omni-channel customer experience. Shoppers who purchase products across channels have a higher customer lifetime value than those who stick to one. Your job is to provide an integrated, seamless experience as they move from store to computer to mobile device. Ensure that all mobile channels, including apps and websites, are user-friendly and responsive so that customers have an easy path to purchase. Offer consistent promotions across sales channels, using deals as incentives to shop across platforms. For example, you might give discounts to customers who download your app, or give in-store shoppers codes to redeem for online sales.
  2. Reward loyal shoppers. Brand loyalty goes both ways. Incentivize shoppers to keep choosing your brand by rewarding them for coming back. Establish a loyalty program that spans across all sales channels, so customers who shop on their phones can redeem rewards on your brand’s website or store. Shoppers that receive exclusive discounts for frequent purchases are more likely to return.
  3. Consistently engage customers on social media. Your social media presence isn’t about you – it’s about your customers. Rather than simply promoting your brand, use your social platforms as an opportunity to talk directly to and connect with shoppers. This can be as simple as consistently responding to customer service requests on Facebook or Twitter. Customers who are ignored by online brands are more likely to develop negative brand perceptions and take their business elsewhere. Other brands create buzz on social media by featuring spotlights on loyal customers. This personalizes your brand, establishing relationships that boost customer lifetime value.
  4. Provide shoppers with real-time product information. Since shoppers will research on their phones before making purchases, you need to provide accessible, accurate information. Customers want accurate snapshots of inventory to know exactly when they can expect products to be in stock. If your brand lacks transparency, shoppers might quickly click away to your competitor.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value With Dotcom Distribution

To increase customer lifetime value, you need to provide excellent customer service. The key ingredient to excellent service? It’s an experienced, reliable 3PL logistics provider like Dotcom Distribution.

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Dotcom Distribution can:

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