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4 Logistics KPIs eCommerce Brands Should Be Tracking

Logistics KPIs eCommerce Brands Should Be Tracking

Logistics KPIs (key performance indicators) are mile markers that indicate how well your eCommerce brand is performing. Careful monitoring of metrics like shipping speed, order accuracy, average order margin and more allow you to identify the areas of your backend process that are performing well – and those that could benefit from a strategy refresh.

4 eCommerce Logistics KPIs You Should Be Tracking

As your eCommerce brand grows, new goals will emerge. Tracking key performance indicators is a great way to measure brand performance and determine whether you’re meeting defined goals. This data enables you to keep a closer eye on metrics like sales and customer service, which are vital to the health of your eCommerce brand.

Which logistics KPIs should you be tracking to maintain strong performance and make the necessary adjustments?

  1. Product Popularity – As you move through inventory, you’ll learn which products customers can’t wait to get their hands on and which products aren’t as popular. Tracking product popularity allows you to identify and order more of the products that fly off the shelves, and less of those that tend to sit in your warehouse.
  2. Annual Sales – Sales drive eCommerce success. Without the proper metrics, it’s difficult to gauge your sales performance year over year. Logistics KPIs that monitor sales performance help you stick with or adjust your sales strategy. For more detailed insights, use sales KPIs to track hourly, weekly, monthly and quarterly sales.
  3. Inventory Levels – Inventory management skills are essential for growing eCommerce brands. Inventory KPIs help you maintain accurate inventory levels in your warehouse at all times, which means your eCommerce site is updated with real-time information. By monitoring inventory metrics, you’ll gain must-have insights for operating an efficient and effective warehouse.
  4. Shipping and Delivery – Nothing turns customers off like slow, unreliable shipping. In fact, slow shipping is a big reason why shoppers jump ship to another eCommerce brand. By tracking shipping KPIs, you’ll stay ahead of shipment and delivery issues. Tightening up on shipping could be the key to smoother fulfillment and distribution process – and happier customers.

Key Logistics KPIs Delivered Directly to You

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