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eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce Fulfillment

Dotcom is the third-party fulfillment provider fast-growing eCommerce and retail brands trust for two main reasons: we’ve been doing it the longest, and we help deliver the “WOW” factor that provides customers with unique, memorable, branded experiences.

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Retail & Wholesale (B2B) Fulfillment Dotcom Distribution

Retail & Wholesale (B2B) Fulfillment

The diverse channel mix today’s savvy consumers use to shop is complex. To be competitive, brands must create a seamless omnichannel order fulfillment processes. That’s where Dotcom comes in. We establish and execute air-tight B2C and B2B fulfillment strategies that enable brands to achieve the speed, efficiency, and cross-channel consistency required to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive commerce landscape.

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Kitting & Assembly Dotcom Distribution

Kitting & Assembly

Dotcom’s kitting services are second to none. Combining decades of production experience with the latest fulfillment technology, our team works with eCommerce brands to transform packaging components into customized sets and custom SKUs that delight their customers.

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Dotcom Distribution Transportation & Freight Management

Transportation & Freight Management

Shipping costs are a considerable factor across the retail spectrum, especially when factoring in last mile logistics. Whether you’re shipping around the corner, across the country, or internationally, you want the fastest service and the lowest rates.

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Dropshipping - Dotcom Distribution

Drop Shipping

As consumer expectations for faster shipping have increased, more retailers are limiting their relationships to only suppliers with dropshipping capabilities. For emerging brands, outsourcing to a 3PL is a popular choice. We have the space, technology, staff, and expertise required to serve as the fulfillment liaison between suppliers and end customers.

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Dotcom Distribution Global Logistics

Global Logistics

Delivering your customers’ online orders correctly, safely and on time, wherever they are going, is fundamental to their future purchase decisions. This requires robust warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution support to ensure your products are stored and shipped efficiently, as well as international regulatory and compliance intelligence to ensure trouble-free transport. Dotcom clients have access to our global network of expert supply chain resources ready to assist with all international freight movement.

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TranzAct Dotcom Distribution Bill Audit

FreightLogix™ Transportation Dashboard

Exclusive to Dotcom clientele, FreightLogix™ is a proprietary transportation analytics portal that provides near-real-time shipping data that brands can use to improve delivery operations and profitability. Better visibility into shipping spending allows brands to build better forecasts, reduce transportation costs, and improve delivery operations and profitability.

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