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1 year ago
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eCommerce brands need to optimize shipping for operational efficiency. Faced with rising shipping costs and rising customer expectations, online retailers require strategies that enable them to leverage shipping for both business improvement and enhanced customer experiences.

How to Optimize Shipping in Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Many eCommerce providers mistakenly assume that the online customer experience ends when the customer completes the checkout process. But at Dotcom Distribution, we know that the customer experience extends to the moment the package arrives on the customer’s doorstep.

As a result, shipping plays an important role in your brand’s customer experience. So, to improve the quality of the customer experience, you need to optimize shipping processes in ways that excite customers—while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing supply chain efficiency.

  • Shipping Options. Today’s consumers and B2B buyers expect retailers and suppliers to offer a wide range of shipping options. From free shipping for minimum order amounts to fast standard shipping and next-day or same-day delivery, customers want the flexibility to align shipping processes with their needs and preferences. By offering a variety of shipping options, you can optimize shipping impact and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Fulfillment. Ineffective fulfillment routines can create logistical logjams that bog down shipping processes. In a worst-case scenario, unreliable fulfillment can jeopardize your ability to live up to the brand promise through on-time order delivery. To make the most of shipping opportunities, work toward achieving flawless fulfillment, with scalability for seasonal and peak demand.
  • Managed Inventory. Like ineffective fulfillment processes, poor inventory management can cause shipping delays, back orders and other negative events. Real-time inventory visibility, combined with advanced planning and forecasting, can mitigate the risk of shipping delays and ensure your brand’s ability to meet your customers’ high expectations with reliable, on-time delivery.
  • Multichannel Capabilities. In today’s multi-channel retail environment, it goes without saying that your brand’s ability to optimize shipping hinges on robust, multi-channel capabilities. From order processing to fulfillment to inventory management, every aspect of your logistics and shipping program needs to cut across all available channels, providing a consolidated, 360-degree view of orders, demand and merchandise.

Optimize Shipping with an eCommerce Logistics Partner

Dotcom Distribution is at the forefront of helping eCommerce brands optimize shipping for improved business performance and better customer experiences. We specialize in equipping your business with back-end logistics and fulfillment services that streamline shipping and delivery.

  • Shipping Performance – We have the expertise and resources to maximize the performance of your shipping program. Our warehouse is strategically located to offer same-day shipping for most clients and one- to three-day ground delivery to 75% of U.S. consumers.
  • Logistical Support – The combined strength of our facilities, systems and processes delivers robust logistics and fulfillment support for some of the nation’s fastest growing eCommerce brands.
  • Client Engagement – With account management and senior management teams located in the same facility, we work to develop close client relationships —at both the strategic and operational levels.

It’s time to take a closer look at new ways to optimize shipping in your organization. As a leading strategic eCommerce logistics and fulfillment partner, Dotcom Distribution is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.