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For years, brick-and-mortar retailers have invested in providing high-quality, engaging in-store experiences for their customers. Decor is continually updated, music adds to the atmosphere and consumers are drawn in with enticing product displays. While some aspects of the in-store experience can be imitated on an eCommerce site, the excitement a shopper feels walking into a store can be tough to replicate at home.

Players in the eCommerce industry may experience difficulty providing a premium brand experience to their online customers. One way eCommerce retailers can create luxe brand experiences is through premium packaging. At Dotcom, we knowpremium packaging makes shoppers considerably more excited to open a package, and one way retailers can improve packaging is to use novelty tissue paper.

Jennifer Corridan, national account manager at Seaman Paper Company and Dotcom’s go-to tissue paper expert, knows it’s the small touches that consumers look for and appreciate. Here are three ways brands can customize their packing experience using tissue paper.

1. Highlight your brand or logo

Your tissue paper color does not have to remain the same indefinitely, and there are actually benefits to your brand when you switch it up every now and then. When you change the color of your tissue paper for the holidays or by season, you create a new opportunity for your brand to stand out. Icy blues during winter months and bright pastels in the spring, for instance, add extra flair to your packaging and give you an easy way to get out of the mold of your brand’s typical color scheme. At the same time, new colors put a renewed attention back to your logo.2.











2. Consider sheets that use glitter and metallic sheen

Tissue paper can be as imaginative as you are. Don’t be afraid to use metallic materials, metallic ink or glitter when it comes to customization. While all of these options are fun, be sure to consider your typical customer before selecting a drastically more outgoing option for all packages. Changing tissue paper freshens up your branding, but you shouldn’t stray so far from your known brand.








3. Determine the perfect tissue paper size

It’s easy to take for granted the size of each sheet of tissue paper used to pack your orders. Have you ever stopped to consider whether or not you actually need all of that material? An experienced fulfillment partner can help you determine the exact size your sheets need to be in order to sufficiently and attractively pack your goods. Cutting excess can help you save on packaging and create a better experience for consumers who appreciate eco-friendly efforts.

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