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3 Ways to Create a Fulfillment Experience That Drives Customer Loyalty

Creating a Fulfillment Experience

For eCommerce brands, customer loyalty starts with the fulfillment experience. Retailers with physical locations are able to connect with customers the moment they walk into their stores because shoppers can physically interact with the brand and its products.

As an online retailer, shoppers don’t have a chance to experience your products firsthand. So the fulfillment experiences you provide plays a big role in whether first-time customers turn into repeat customers.

How to Drive a Better Fulfillment Experience

When it comes to building up your eCommerce business, perfecting eCommerce fulfillment is a must. Customers have certain expectations when they shop online. Meeting those expectations helps your brand make a lasting impression and become their first choice when it’s time to purchase products in the future.

Dotcom Distribution’s latest study, “Driving Customer Loyalty With Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging,” takes a closer look at how eCommerce brands can foster loyalty through seamless fulfillment experiences:

  1. Fast Delivery – Customers want their orders, and they want them fast. Of the 500 shoppers surveyed, 20 percent said it’s very important to receive online orders in the shortest amount of time possible. Fast delivery was also the main driver behind repeat purchases, and 67 percent of shoppers admitted they would be willing to pay more for same-day delivery to get orders by a certain deadline (like a birthday or holiday party).
  2. Fulfillment Transparency – Think customers place an order and don’t think twice about it until delivery? Think again. One of the biggest reasons customers don’t buy from a brand more than once is a lack of information regarding the status of a package. Just over 20 percent of online shoppers said they would like more visibility to products in transit.
  3. Branding & Packaging – Those plain, brown boxes aren’t going to cut it for customers anymore. Unique, customized packaging is playing a more important role than ever in providing a memorable fulfillment experience. When it comes to plain boxes versus branded boxes, 40 percent of shoppers said they are more likely to purchase from a retailer again if products come in premium, gift-like packaging. Wrapping also impacts brand perception, with shoppers more likely to recommend eCommerce brands to their friends and family if packaging appeals to them.

Top Notch Fulfillment Experiences With Dotcom Distribution

In today’s competitive eCommerce space, online retailers face a tough challenge in connecting with customers. A first-rate fulfillment experience helps create connections that last long after the sale.

That’s where Dotcom Distribution comes in.

Our years of logistics and fulfillment expertise, combined with the perfect balance of technology and team members, helps emerging eCommerce brands scale their fulfillment strategies to meet the growing demands of customers. We handle everything from eCommerce kitting and packaging to shipping and tracking with our 3PL fulfillment and logistics services.

Get ready to give your customers a fulfillment experience that will keep them coming back for more. To learn more, contact Dotcom Distribution today. You can also download our 2016 study, “Driving Customer Loyalty With Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging” here.

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