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Staying in tune with evolving customer expectations is challenging.  Sometimes, the best method to find out what they want is to ask them directly. Enter chatbots.

As Sciensio stated earlier this year, “Chatbots are software programs, which can include AI components, designed to interact with people over messaging apps.” This method of reaching customers the moment they visit a brand’s website engages them in direct dialogue, and has changed the way customers shop, the way they interact with customer service, and the way they make purchases.

In today’s instant gratification economy, how can chatbots help brands make things easier and more satisfying for consumers?

Here’s a list of some benefits for brands:

1. Chatbots help avoid cart abandonment

By reminding customers about unfinished orders and answering common questions, chatbots help to avoid cart abandonment. The best chatbots provide an automated customer service experience that feels personalized and personable to consumers.

Mobile shopping is growing in popularity. Simplifying this process, which is often more challenging on mobile, has the potential to reduce the likelihood of customers abandoning carts out of frustration.

2. Chatbots simplify the browsing process for customers with a specific shopping objective

Chatbots can be extremely effective in guiding customers in the right direction when it comes to narrowing down purchase options. eCommerce chatbots can streamline a customer’s experience by pinpointing what the customer wants and confirming the purchase in one natural conversation.

For example, Levi Strauss recently launched a chatbot that helps customers purchase perfectly fitting jeans on their website, as well as in Facebook Messenger.  This creates a friendly and seamless experience across multiple touchpoints that not only makes things more convenient for customers, but also reinforces the brand’s forward-thinking values. The chatbot asks questions based on customer preference and goes as far as helping them directly to and through the purchase process.

3. Chatbots mimic a humanized experience, driving customer loyalty

The immediacy of chatbot responses in conjunction with the genuine empathy of a human associate is a winning combination that can provide customers with the efficiency and speed they demand while still feeling that they’ve truly been heard by the brand. Striking the right balance between chatbots and human interaction could be a big win for brands, considering91% of unsatisfied customers will not return for a repeat purchase or service.

In today’s commerce landscape, multiple points of interaction with each customer represents the minimum effort required to run a successful business. Chatbots add value by giving the customer what they want: convenience, expedience, and a voice to be heard.

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