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3 Tactics to Include in Your eCommerce Business Plan

1 year ago
Dotcom Distribution

Successful eCommerce business ventures start with an eCommerce business plan.  Despite not having physical store locations, an eCommerce store is still a business that requires organization and planning. To succeed in a crowded field of competitors, you need a solid strategy that addresses the various elements associated with being an online retail merchant.






3 Questions to Ask When Creating Your eCommerce Business Plan

Business plans typically includes things like executive summaries and company descriptions. And while your eCommerce business plan should address these elements, you also need to address operational and backend processes:

  • How will you scale up (or scale down) processes? Flash sales are great for revenue, but you need to be sure your warehouse and fulfillment team is able to pack and ship orders on time. Outline a section in your business plan detailing how you plan to take on periods of high demand. Conversely, craft a section that addresses what you’ll do during slow sales cycles. This helps you avoid getting stuck with too many resources when you don’t need them.
  • What are your shipping strategies? Shipping and delivery are more important to eCommerce customers than ever before. A study published by Dotcom Distribution revealed that shoppers care more about fast, reliable delivery than product quality. Research the best shipping and carrier options for your business, including freight forwarders and NVOCCs, and include a detailed strategy in your business plan.
  • Do you have a strategy to create branded packaging? The way your products are packaged makes a big impact with customers. Well-packaged, branded shipments make eCommerce brands seem more upscale, and foster customer loyalty. Build out a section of your eCommerce business plan that addresses your plans to create customized packaging. It seems like a small detail, but you’ll find that unique, branded materials make a world of a difference to shoppers. You can also download our 2016 study, “Driving Customer Loyalty With Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging” here.

If nothing else, there’s one thing you should build in to your eCommerce business plan – an experienced fulfillment and logistics partner. Well-versed logistics providers deliver operational advantages, handling every aspect of your fulfillment strategy to give customers an experience they’ll never forget.

Tackle Your eCommerce Business Plan With Dotcom Distribution 

Built specifically for eCommerce and online retail, Dotcom Distribution has the facilities, processes and people in place to deliver top-notch logistics and fulfillment services. When you team up with Dotcom Distribution, you get:

  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Domestics and Global Freight Management
  • Scalable Fulfillment Processes
  • Complete Order Transparency

When you include Dotcom Distribution in your eCommerce business plan, you’re poised for success. To learn more about our fulfillment and logistics services, contact us today.