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3 Steps for Better eCommerce Branding

Steps for Better eCommerce BrandingOnline retailers can’t place enough emphasis on eCommerce branding. Everything about your brand –  colors, design, logo, etc. – is what customers remember. Your brand is part of the overall customer experience. If you don’t create a brand that resonates with buyers, chances are they won’t choose your business over competitors in the future.

3 Easy Steps Toward Better eCommerce Branding

The branding process isn’t easy, but it delivers huge benefits for your online retail business. eCommerce branding doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking that costs tons of money and requires an excessive amount of time. Instead, there are a few simple steps you can take right now for a better brand image:

  1. Solid Product Photography – In eCommerce, high-quality images are gold. Top-notch photos showcase your products in the best light and give customers a clear, complete view of what they’re getting. Plus, you can use photos to establish a brand theme. For the best results, stick to clean, neutral backgrounds with minimal clutter. You can work with professional photographers to incorporate brand logos and colors in editing.
  2. Easy-to-Navigate Website – Imagine customers moving through a physical store location – you wouldn’t want racks full of clothing cluttering their way, or products spilling off the shelves. The same logic should be applied to your website. Focus on developing a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website that isn’t cluttered with content or images. Simple menus where customers can quickly find what they need will lead to increased conversions and product sales.
  3. Kitting & Packaging Honestly, there’s nothing special about a plain brown box. So why ship them out to customers with your products? A big part of eCommerce branding is investing in customized, branded packaging. That means boxes, tape, wrapping and more should contain your brand image and colors. Still on the fence? An eCommerce packaging study released by Dotcom Distribution revealed that special packaging improves overall brand perception, and excites customers to receive their shipment.

The eCommerce Branding That Will Make a Difference

Your company brand is more than a series of images, photos, and colors. It’s part of your story. Effectively communicating that story to customers will make a lasting impact, and keep you at the top of their list when it’s time to purchase products.

Dotcom Distribution wants to get you there.

We’re here to help communicate your brand messages to customers. This is done through professional, top-notch product photography, robust eCommerce kitting services, fast shipping, and expert distribution. When you partner with Dotcom Distribution, you’re starting on the road to deliver an eCommerce fulfillment experience like never before.

Your eCommerce branding is about to get a major upgrade. To get started, contact us today.