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3 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Freight Management Company

Ever wonder if your eCommerce business could benefit from using a freight management company? The answer is yes. Good providers help online retailers better handle shipping and freight requirements by providing a detailed view of warehouse inventory levels, shipping costs and more.

What Happens When You Don’t Use a Freight Management Company?

Searching for a Freight Management Company

Successfully managing shipping and logistics costs is a slippery slope – especially when you try to do it without professional assistance. With so many details and aspects to oversee, it’s easy to let one or two things slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, the down-the-line results can seriously hurt your backend operations.

Common pitfalls eCommerce brands experience without a freight management partner include:

  • Order errors and inaccuracies
  • Damaged products
  • Slow shipping speeds

How can you avoid freight disasters? By allocating shipping and freight responsibility to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Important Questions to Ask:

You’ve taken steps toward hiring a freight management partner. Great. Like so many other aspects of your eCommerce business, now it’s time to do your research. Before signing on with a freight management company, walk through a list of a few basic questions:

  • Does the freight partner have standing relationships with shipment providers? Freight rates are one of the most variable eCommerce costs. Rates are likely to increase during peak sales times, such as during holiday and promotional periods. An experienced 3PL partner with strong ties to multiple shipping partners allows you to bypass high costs. That means you’re guaranteed crate space on trucks and vessels, all at a reasonable, predictable price.
  • Is the freight management company able to accommodate international shipping? Online retail is booming internationally, so you want a freight partner with international shipping capabilities. Make sure the 3PL partner you choose leverages a landed cost model. This incorporates all duties, taxes and other fees into final shipping prices. It’s also beneficial if your freight provider can ship items internationally at different speeds. This makes your brand more appealing than competitors who only provide one shipping option overseas.
  • Will the shipping company provide you with real-time tracking information? Your visibility into shipments should start the moment a product leaves the warehouse, and end the moment it’s delivered to customers. A good freight management partner should give you constant, real-time tracking information. You can see where your products are at any moment, and relay this data to customers eager for their packages to arrive.

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It’s Time for a More Reliable Freight Management Company

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