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1 year ago
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If you operate an eCommerce or online retail brand, then you know selling your products internationally can open up an entire new channel of revenue. Partnering with the right forwarding agent is a key step in getting your merchandise to an international customer base and expanding your brand reach.

But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right logistics provider for the job?

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Forwarding Agent

It’s no secret that there are several moving pieces involved in shipping and logistics, including variable costs and complex shipping schedules. When you add overseas shipping to the mix, you also face customs documentation, international taxes and other challenges.

When selecting a freight forwarding agent, ask yourself these three key questions:

  1. Are There Options for Delivery Speeds? Products that are shipped internationally shouldn’t be limited to a single shipping speed. Your international freight service provider should have the tools and processes in place to support both standard and expedited global shipping speeds. International customers might shy away from ordering from your brand if they know they have to wait an extended period of time. The ability to provide a variety shipping speeds increases the chances that customers will order from your business – even if you’re located overseas.
  2. Does the Forwarding Agent Leverage a Landed Cost Model? International orders are more likely to accrue fees like taxes, crating, handling and transportation on top of the original price of the product. And if these fees go unaccounted for, they can be an unexpected surprise to the customer. To avoid unforeseen expenses, partner with a logistics provider that uses a landed cost model, which combines all international fees with the actual price of a product.
  3. Does the Logistics Provider Have Solid Carrier Contacts? A robust freight forwarding agent with years of international freight forwarding experience will have a strong network of shipment contacts that spans across more than just one company. This gives the forwarder the liberty to select the shipping agent capable of providing the exact services your eCommerce brand requires.

In general, international freight service and forwarding providers should provide an optimized, cost-effective option for international shipping that increases your revenue without increasing your operating costs.

Dotcom Distribution: Your eCommerce Brand’s Trusted Forwarding Agent

Dotcom Distribution is a seasoned eCommerce and online retail logistics partners for brands that serve customers in both domestic and international markets. Our strategic international freight forwarding services enable brands to expand their product reach overseas, while remaining as cost-efficient and productive as possible.

Our network of international carriers includes UPS Mail Innovations and DHS Global Mail. We also take care of any documentation, duties and taxes that are included in international shipments. Contact us today to get started.