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Today, consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across their devices. To meet this expectation, your brand needs to be leveraging the latest strategies and best practices. As companies strive to address raised customer expectations, staying on top of emerging omni-channel trends is crucial to remaining ahead of the competition.

3 Omni-Channel Trends You Need to Stay On Top Of 

Even if your brand lacks a brick-and-mortar location, you need a strong approach that integrates your online platforms. It’s important to rethink your strategy to stay up to date with omni-channel trends that are shaping the eCommerce marketplace.

Faster, Flexible Fulfillment – Across industries, omni-channel trends are raising the bar for quality fulfillment options. Customers expect reliable deliveries with short wait times, with some shoppers willing to pay more for same-day delivery. Customers also expect free shipping on returns and in-store pickup on online orders. To handle higher fulfilment expectations, your brand needs a streamlined omni-channel management strategy for logistics operations. This entails real-time reporting and total order management to enable accurate, speedy deliveries.

Increased Emphasis on Mobile Sales – More and more, customers are pulling out their phones to shop. Brands must focus on increasing mobile conversions, or lag behind competitors. To keep up with mobile omni-channel trends, you need a simple, responsive website and app design that encourages quick conversions. Leverage a design that is optimized for mobile devices and doesn’t require excessive scrolling or resizing.

Real-Time Inventory Transparency – Shoppers are increasingly knowledgeable, and omni-channel trends are addressing their growing demand for information. Shoppers want to know how to get products as quickly as possible. If you don’t give customers clear information about inventory, you risk order inaccuracies and unhappy shoppers. Inventory information should be consistently displayed in real time. Include information about which brick-and-mortar locations currently stock inventory. This keeps customers happy and reduces the workload on sales associates, who won’t have to field calls about which products are stocked.

Master Omni-Channel Trends With Dotcom Distribution 

No matter how informed you are about the latest omni-channel trends, you can’t revitalize your strategy without robust logistics and fulfilment operations.

That’s where Dotcom Distribution comes in.

Dotcom Distribution has perfected a streamlined, omni-channel approach that helps growing online brands deliver on high customer expectations. Dotcom Distribution has the experience and resources to provide seamless back-end processes for optimized eCommerce distribution.

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