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3 Advantages to Working With an Expert Distribution Logistics Partner

Working with an Expert Distribution Logistics PartnerGrowth-focused eCommerce brands need an expert distribution logistics partner to handle all things fulfillment. Why? Because optimized distribution processes can be a make-or-break factor for retailers that want to gain a competitive edge, win customer trust and increase annual revenue.

3 Advantages of Partnering With an Industry-Leading Distribution Logistics Provider

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce brands don’t have an opportunity to truly showcase a product before customers make a purchase decision. Sure, there are website photos and descriptions, but the physical presence of a product that often influences consumers is missing.

That’s why robust distribution and fulfillment services are so important.

When customers order merchandise online, they have expectations of fast shipping, reliable product delivery, and as-described products. It’s an eCommerce brand’s job to ensure that each of these criteria is met.  But that’s a tall order, especially for retailers attempting to handle logistics on their own.

Experienced eCommerce Distribution Logistics

An experienced eCommerce distribution logistics provider can manage the details and oversee the essential elements it takes to maintain a strong distribution strategy.

Advantages to partnering with a proven 3PL company include:

1. In-depth Stock and Inventory Management – Well-managed inventory is the cornerstone of successful eCommerce and online retail brands. Accurately tracking and maintaining inventory is essential for helping brands fulfill orders in a timely manner. Detailed inventory management also helps brands better gauge hot items that need to be continuously restocked as well as items that might not be selling well. This helps retailers better plan inventory and make the best use of warehouse space.

2. Brand Packaging – An eCommerce brand’s first impression starts with brand packaging, so retailers need a logistics provider that has the resources to create unique, innovative packaging. A recent Dotcom Distribution study showed that 49 percent of online shoppers are more excited to open a parcel when it’s branded and packaged well. A distribution partner should help brands develop high-quality, premium packaging that customers are eager to open.

3. Shipping and Freight – Shipping and freight costs make up a large portion of retailers’ annual spend. The good news is that a distribution logistics provider can help manage costs and guarantee that customers are getting their orders on time. Select a 3PL partner that:

  • Has a relationship with several freight carriers.
  • Can accommodate international shipments, and uses a landed-cost model.
  • Provides real-time tracking, so brands know exactly where shipments are at all times.
  • Provides access to new distribution channels.

By using an external partner for shipping needs, brands are able to reach a broader range of customers, both domestic and overseas.

Top-Tier Distribution Logistics Services

From exciting brand packaging to cost-efficient shipping, Dotcom Distribution is your go-to provider for top-tier distribution logistics services. Our team of fulfillment professionals leverages the latest technology, methods, and resources to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

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