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2021 Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Consumer Study

2021 Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Study

For seven years, Dotcom Distribution’s eCommerce Consumer Study has tracked how the prevailing behaviors, experiences and preferences of online shoppers are shaping the evolving eCommerce landscape.

The 2021 study of 1,137 online shoppers across the U.S. explores pre- mid- and post-pandemic trends and expectations, revealing not only what has occurred over the past year, but identifies lasting impacts and trends that will carry into the post-pandemic eCommerce reality.
According to this latest research, some of the key learnings brands and retailers must know to shape the ideal customer experience are:

  • Sustainability efforts help the planet while fostering brand affinity
  • Consumers are increasingly socially conscious
  • Physical retail’s role is shifting, not shrinking
  • Free shipping outweighs fast shipping now more than ever
  • Packaging preferences are consistent among online shoppers
  • Returns strategy significantly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty

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