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eCommerce Packaging Study

The faster customers receive their online orders, the happier they are. Happy customers mean repeat customers. So what’s the key to creating a great customer experience and ensuring brand loyalty? An impressive fulfillment experience.

In our 2016 eCommerce Packaging Study, Driving Customer Loyalty With Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging, we dive into what customers really want out of the fulfillment experience and how that, paired with packaging quality, plays a key role in making them return to your brand.

2016 eCommerce Packaging Study Results: Driving Customer Loyalty with Fast Delivery and Quality PackagingInside, you will learn:

  • How to foster customer trust through painless and speedy fulfillment
  • The effect of quality packaging and efficient delivery on brand loyalty
  • Why fast shipping’s role is crucial to luxury purchase experience and more

Discover eCommerce packaging insights relevant in 2019 and beyond!

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